Tainted Flesh Tattoo Studio
My name is Bob MacCready. I was born in 1963 and was raised in Philadelphia, PA until I was moved to DuBois, PA in 1979. I have been a doodler for as early as I can remember. Being the youngest with 3 siblings, dad always said I’d get “nowhere doodling wee-wees & boobies” in my schoolbooks as a child. I guess I felt that I had to prove them all wrong! I dig drawing with charcoal as well as pencil, but the transformation into tattooing changed my life to an all-time high. I’m not so much into the trendy stars with the squiggly lines, nor do I contribute to the solid blacks such as tribal, logos or small lettering. As you look through my work you will see the styles that really inspire me artistically. Searching for the right artist is a key component in finding the tattoo that suits you best. Not all artists work with all types of designs. Personally, if I work with a design that I’m not into, I then have a job. If I’m actually "working", I’d sooner have a shovel or wrench in my paws. If this offends some, try not to take it personally; I’m sure you'll get over it. You can contact me through email or Facebook messaging. No posts! Send tattoo description or pics, size & placement, etc. for approval.

I’ve been tattooing for over 18 years & have been educated in cross contamination control & blood borne pathogens thru the alliance of professional tattoo artists. All equipment is fully disposable & set up in front of you so you'll feel comfortable in knowing that all precautions are taken for your safety. Feel free to send a message & ask any questions you may have.
What About Bob?