Tainted Flesh Tattoo Studio
Welcome to the official online home of Bob MacCready a.k.a. "Willy Mac" and "Life Ruiner".

Bob does not have a Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even a Google + account; although he may still have a MySpace page that is still active. (If it is, he hasn’t accessed it in years.) Many people have or will wonder why Bob has said “See ya!” to Social Media. The answer is easy; it is a giant waste of time and energy. Nobody cares what you had for dinner, nobody wants to see pictures of your children doing stupid things (except family of course… maybe), and nobody wants to read about your self-centeredness. Social Media is a platform that gives everyone a voice; the thing is, there are a lot of stupid people that shouldn’t have one. So instead of being bombarded with recipes, memes, and the same stupid jokes over and over again; it was time to go old-school.

If you need to contact Bob, you will have to contact him through the contact form or email him at: taintedfleshtattoo (at) hotmail.com.
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